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Pharma-Tech Process and Facilities Services provides a broad range of construction and capital project services to the biopharmaceutical and advance technology industries. We understand the construction issues and pressures that arise when dealing with aggressive, fast paced, high tech, construction projects with tight budgets and tighter schedules. We facilitate cross-functional communication and coordination with the client and subcontracted trade services to ensure project requirements and timelines are met with a commitment to safety and quality. We assist our clients in establishing a transparent approach to project execution by documenting a clear definition of project objectives with roles and responsibilities that emphasize accountability with objective and measurable success criteria.

We believe that CPS is one of the most important phases of the project. Even with a diligent engineering firm and competent construction manager, things will still fall through the cracks. We facilitate communication between the AE, CM and the owner to quickly resolve issues to not only maintain the construction schedule but the design intent.  We assist our clients in establishing the expectation of acceptable quality early for their biopharmaceutical construction projects. its hygienic piping, modular construction or construction sequencing we can provide experience to ensure our clients projects are not only on schedule but built to the required project specifications. We can facilitate daily site walkthroughs with P&IDS, specifications and construction schedule to ensure your projects quality and schedule are not compromised.

We provide detailed reviews of design documents and question the engineer of record if something doesn’t look right or seem to be under or over specified for its intended application. We excel in finding design issues on paper rather than after it has been constructed. We assist our clients in establishing the appropriate frameworks to not only allow the construction but the subsequent commissioning and qualification to flow smoothly and efficiently. We have found that a watchful eye during the construction phase can provide the biggest advantage to not only protecting the clients design intent but their commissioning and qualification schedules. Correcting issues as deficiencies or punch list items can be much quicker and far less painful than deviations later on in the project lifecycle.

Our involvement during the construction phase will greatly reduce the time required for installation commissioning and qualifications. We set up and establish the appropriate communication required to ensure your construction subcontractors provide the required documentation for GMP impact systems. We are committed to client satisfaction and we focus on building strategic partnerships and collaborative solutions that bring efficiencies to your projects construction and qualification schedule.

Our personnel are experts in managing everything from small and large scale renovations to new Greenfield facilities.


Our Construction and Capital Project capabilities include:

  • Project and Construction Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Construction Supervision
  • Trade Coordination
  • Modular Construction
  • Hygienic Piping
  • Detailed Design Review
  • Project Execution Planning
  • Criticality and Impact Assessment
  • Risk assessment and Mitigation
  • Annual Shutdown Planning and Management
  • Resource Management and Supervision
  • Pre-Construction and Construction Period Services
  • Passivation Coordination and Planning
  • Project Controls
  • Project Reporting
  • Vendor Audits
  • 3rd Party Inspection
  • Project Scope Development
  • Cost Estimating and Scheduling
  • Benchmarking
  • Bid Packages
  • Schedule Development and Tracking
  • Budget Development and Tracking
  • Factory and Site Acceptance Testing
  • Punch Lists
  • As-Builts (Record Drawings)
  • Turnover Package Development
  • Procurement
  • Change Management
  • Quality Assurance
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